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Wow…we must thank everyone who has been visiting the site and telling their friends to visit the site. Let’s keep it going! You know as well as I know that everything about the University of Pittsburgh is evil. The triple-overtime victory over #5 WVU proved it. Whenever horrific incidents occur in the world, the Pitt Panther mysteriously appears. This site will uncover the truth about Pittsburgh and the apparent “pact with the devil” they have made. Feel free to e-mail us your horrible run-ins with the Panther and we’ll use it if we can.



Ask us a question and we’ll probably answer it. Just e-mail pitt.of.evil@gmail.com. Right now, here’s our frequenly asked question(s):

Who are you?

Not really important. Obviously someone who has found out the truth about the University of Pittsburgh and the “innocent” Pitt “Roc” Panther. I am merely attempting to expose the truth about the Panther.

If you hate Pitt, who do you like?

Whatever team is playing Pitt on any given day.

How can I support the cause?

Go over on the right and hit a sponsor or, even better, go over on the right and join our Facebook fan club and/or Twitter feed. At the end of the day, that’s the vindication of which we’re looking. And be sure to tell your friends to join as well. That would make us very pleased.

What’s your goal?

To spread the word to the 6.7 billion people worldwide that Pitt is evil. Nothing more, nothing less.

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